Hong has excellent insights into current market trends, competitive houses, pricing, negotiating, marketing…

My family and I have lived in Park City for 12 years. Hong is currently the listing agent on our family home in Park City. It is under contract and scheduled to close in November.

We actually met at an Open House she was conducting in our neighborhood this Spring since a neighbor/friend of ours was selling their home due to a job transfer. Since we knew that we would be starting to build soon and therefore would be listing our home with “our” realtor (someone other than Hong), we decided to tour our neighbor’s home, and any other Open Houses in our area, to keep apprised of the market. As soon as we entered the home, Hong was gracious and inviting. We told her our plan so she wasn’t trying to “sell” us the house. We were instantly impressed with her knowledge of the neighborhood and its prices per square foot, days on market for all of the listings plus local competition of the subdivision, etc. Since this home was only a few doors away, I could notice that there was a lot of activity: open houses every weekend with prospective buyers parking in the street, people going in/out and walking around the yard, as well as the owners were walking the neighborhood a lot since they had so many showings and had to leave the house! 🙂 I think Hong had their house under contract in 30 days.

When it came time to list our house this August, we called “our” Realtor and he gave us his marketing plan…but in the back of my mind I kept recalling Hong and her expertise, engaging personality and loads of activity at our neighbor’s house! We decided to call her to give us her marketing plan and we were even more impressed and asked her to list our home. The first weekend of the listing, she had an Open House and our future buyers came through the house after a spending a day with their own Realtor and we were soon under contract.

Before our contract was finalized, she also held a Realtor Open House during the week. She was anticipating 40 Realtors to stop by so she came over with brats & burgers to grill on our deck and all the fixings to serve them. She even devised a questionnaire about our house. She wanted to make sure the Realtors went downstairs into our home theater so she asked them all to identify what movie was playing on our screen! When I came home after the 5 hour Open House (it was only supposed to be 4 hours but more Realtors kept coming), she looked exhausted! She said more than 60 Realtors had showed up and she actually ran out of food! She said she had so many attend because they know she offers a full lunch vs. just cookies and fruit – ha!

Hong definitely goes the extra mile: despite her diligence on our behalf & the buyer’s prequalification from their lender, the buyers simply felt over-extended purchasing our home (they sold their own home for much less than anticipated) and decided to cancel the contract several weeks later. Instantly, Hong aggressively marketed our home via the internet and to fellow Realtors and within 3 days we were under contract again….for a higher purchase price. (Our new buyers and their Realtors are from Salt Lake so Hong has taken it upon herself to familiarize the buyers with town, school district information and the park/recreation system.) It seems she truly has the respect of other Realtors in town & out-of-town. They are eager to work with her, happily show her listings and certainly attend her Open Houses. From what I have heard and seen, she has an excellent reputation with fellow Realtors and buyers/sellers.

Hong has excellent insights into current market trends, competitive houses, pricing, negotiating, marketing (she is even a member of the Salt Lake City area MLS for listing exposure) and staging the home. She even brought chocolate chip cookie dough to the Open House so she could bake cookies and have the house smell great! Hong contacted us after each showing/Open Houses to give us feedback and updates. But in addition to all of that….you can tells she truly loves her job. She has a great mix of the ability to truly listen, the smarts to get the deal done and the grace to handle pressure. She has become a friend to our whole family and we look forward to a long relationship with her, both socially and professionally.

Sorry this email is so long! Obviously, I have lots of praises to sing for Hong. I wish you the best of luck with your real estate dealings in Park City – I understand you live out-of-state. I truly feel Hong is a wonderful person and a phenomenal Realtor and she would do her very best to serve your long-distance needs. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any additional information.

Laurie & Mark and family, Successfully Closed Listing

— West Family , Seller