There’s a saying, “Go the extra mile. It’s not crowded there”

Hong McDonald is a realtor in Park City who I trust. With her 14 years of experience working full time as a realtor, and her strong work ethic, she’s always gone above and beyond in everything she does. I first met Hong 10 years ago, when I was trying to rent my property in Sun Peak. Although she would not make a dime helping me with this rental, she did anyways. (I found the perfect tenant with Hong’s expert recommendation.) Over the years, I have called on Hong for advice on everything from service providers, to purchase agreements, to rental inquires. She’s very responsive and diligent, with great follow up. She’s so well respected in the local Park City community, not only with her real estate colleagues, but in non-profit, education, and service industry, that she knows everyone, and everyone knows Hong.

Just last week, as I was working in the yard, a visitor to Park City stopped by as he was walking his dog, and we started talking. At some point, he asked me if I knew of a realtor who I would recommend. I said “Hong McDonald” and he was shocked. He had been referred to Hong by his old college friend as well. It just confirms that Hong is so well networked in this town because over the many years she’s been here, she’s always done the right thing always.

There’s a saying, “Go the extra mile. It’s not crowded there”. That’s truly the case with Hong as she sets herself above all others in exceeding her clients expectations, and going the extra mile. And she goes the distance as well. All the best to you Hong!

— Joy , Homeowner