What I want to say in summary is that Hong is a 10% er.

I would like to take a few minutes to put into words how important your role in our successful purchase of a condominium in Park City. I would recommend you to any client seeking to purchase property in Park City.

First of all you are a great listener. Why is this important? Because you need to totally understand what your client seeks. In our search, we were looking for a property that would be in demand. The condominium needed to serve as a residence for our daughter Kasey, as well as provide an extra bedroom to generate income. Our goal was to cover our costs each year. You found us a property that met all our goals.

Secondly, your follow up was outstanding. Every step of the way you were there summarize the current situation and set up the next step in the process. You kept us on track and provided a sense of urgency when needed. Again, outstanding client follow through.

Lastly Hong, you are a tremendous resource. From lenders to furnishings, you know the right people and how to get us connected. When our first lender dropped the ball, you were there with other lenders to reach out to in order to keep the process moving. After the purchase was complete and Kasey had moved in, one of our referrals has become Kasey’s new roommate for the next year! This made our roommate search so much easier.

What I want to say in summary is that you are a 10% er. What does that mean? When we first traveled and went on showings, you recall I asked you if you were at the top of the field in your business in Park City. You shared with me that there were over 1000 licensed real estate agents in the Park City area. I then asked, “So are in in the top 100?” You immediately answered yes with the utmost confidence. I can’t agree more! You can use Linda and I as a referral or for validation at any time. Your work is outstanding!

Best to you,
Chris G. Proud owner of Park City Condo…

— C. Goepper , Buyer