What isn’t immediately evident is that Hong is a one-of-a kind realtor who excels in all phases of the real estate transaction.

We first met Hong McDonald in January 2012 when we were renting a ski condo in Deer Valley and wanted to see what the real estate market was like. It was obvious to us right off the bat that Hong is a wonderful and extremely likable person. What isn’t immediately evident is that she is a one-of-a kind realtor who excels in all phases of the real estate transaction – something that only became obvious as we worked through the details of purchasing a second home in Deer Valley.

Hong helped us with area information, great restaurants, and the lay of the land. She then helped educate us on the process of putting in an offer in Deer Valley. She supported our going in with a low initial offer on the property we liked in January, 2012. She negotiated on our behalf but it seemed that we were too far apart on price to come to an agreement. Hong kept in touch with us throughout the year, updating us on the inventory and how things were faring in the Deer Valley/Park City market. In September, we asked to resubmit our offer and Hong put together all the paperwork for us and helped us over the course of several weeks, achieve an agreement on price. Then the fun began! Being across the country, my husband and I had no way of attending the home inspection or hammering out any of the issues which arose during the home inspection. Hong took over and not only attended the inspection, she read through the issues and got additional information from Park City Code Enforcement to understand and help advise us on next steps regarding the condo purchase. Many agents would not have taken this lengthy step. It was never more clear to me as a buyer that Hong looked at this transaction as if it were one in which she were personally invested. She spent time and dedication to resolve the issues to our satisfaction, always giving us her professional opinion but allowing us the latitude to make the final decision. At the end of the fact finding period, it appeared that the Park City authority had changed their codes and for this reason, Hong maintained, we needed to renegotiate the purchase price. We wholeheartedly agreed! However, here again she acted as someone who was negotiating not just a regular deal for a regular commission. She acted as though she were personally invested in our outcome. She immediately made a counteroffer to the seller and we were rewarded with a reduction in the purchase price due to Hong’s perseverance.

I might add that I am a residential realtor in the state of New Jersey and have a very good picture of what agents do and don’t do for their clients. Hong has been so wonderful to work with that I will always recommend her without hesitation. We happened to be very lucky in walking into the Keller Williams office in Park City that day. However, when I have the opportunity in the future to refer friends, family and colleagues to purchase in Park City, I will most purposefully direct them to Hong McDonald.

Thanks Hong for making our dream of home ownership in Deer Valley a reality!!!

Best regards,
Jane J. and David H.

— Jane J. , Buyer